Earth and Sky Scarf

The Texas landscape is all earth and sky. The rich tan and grey earth colours at this time of year look fabulous with the clear blues of the sunny skies. It inspired me to create a wooly scarf pattern and then to share this with you all in as a little Christmas present.
In the example above I am working with Ashford "Tekapo" a lovely New Zealand wool. It is a worsted weight and works up normally around 18 to 22 stitches gauge. And I have chosen two colours, the grey and the variegated blue to brown.
Texas Earth and Sky Scarf
Cast on multiple of 4 sts plus 1 (in my example 37 sts)
USe two colours of yarn.
Colour A: Row 1 - Knit 1 row.
Colour A: Row 2 - P1, *(P3tog, K3tog, P3tog all in the same 3 sts), P1*.
Colour B: Row 3 - Knit 1 row.
Colour B: Row 4 - P3, *(P3tog, K3tog, P3tog all in the same three sts), P1*, P3.
Repeat these four rows to create a scarf as long as you'd like. Fringe would be a nice touch too.
Enjoy the pattern. It is very simple and a lovely pattern, wouldn't you say?


  1. Beautiful! Can't wait to try it.

  2. Liked your comment about the nature of nature in Texas visually. When I made a trip to Michigan in my youth I could not believe there was so little sunshine and the sky was too low. I felt like I had to duck to keep from hitting my head. I did enjoy the sweetness of walking barefooted though without hitting sharp rocks and grassburs every step.

    Now be sure to look at the sky a lots in August when the huge and beautiful cumulus clouds form. And tell me if such beautiful clouds form elsewhere in the world.


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