Look at all the speckles! This is my first speckled trout or sea trout. I bet this is going to taste great. I just returned from a wonderful saltwater fishing trip at Port Mansfield. I wish I could've taken you all.
This is a general view of the rental appartments close by where we launched our boat. A sign indicated it was a no wake zone due to manatees. But we didn't see one.

These handsome dudes are the flounder. They start out life with eyes on opposite sides of the head but one eye gradually migrates to the other side. It does make for an interesting "Hallowe'en spooky" kind of fish. Flounder I have eaten plenty so I know how tasty it is. Spearing them as we waded in the dark was really fun. And yes, the sleep quotient suffered a bit.

Our bunch rented a large house right on the coast with our own private pier. A Blue Norther (nasty storm with 80 mile per hour winds) came through on the Monday, driving us back to the house. But honestly, it was time to eat and sleep after a god 24 hours of fishing.

What a blast it all was. All new to me and so interesting. The company was great and the adventure unending. Oh! While floundering we observed a Ridley turtle! Incredible.


  1. Beautiful -- except the flounder. Migrating eyes? Yuck. But I bet the fish tasted fantastic.

  2. Hey. I haven't tasted the ones I caught yet. Have a friend arriving soon to show me some recipes! Can't wait.


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