the back forty

These two photos are of my "back forty" as I call it. And they were taken in early April when many things were still grey. Certainly today the image is very different. I have mowed half of the field now and just about died from the volume of sweat exiting my body. So now I'm waiting for a cooler day to complete the work. I use a push mower and the sunflowers are about 3-4 feet high so it's a duel to the death for sure. Round one goes to me!!
In the top photo the tree in the centre is a lovely pear tree that is now bearing ripe, delicious fruit. I am so lucky to have this tree. I love pears. I have dehydrated a bunch, all that I could reach from the ground, and soon will get in there with a ladder and grab some more.
If my skin goes green soon Folks, you'll know why.
The other trees are pecans and in these "before" photos look pretty scrawny. But just as all the other vegetation over the hot and then wet season, they have thrived and I'm told will produce well this year. I have nineteen pecan trees altogether I think. So there's another good reason to get the mowing done. When the pecans fall I will be able to pick them up with my Texas Pecan Picker-Upper. Stay tuned... more photos to come.
Now I just need a pretty volunteer to sit in a booth on the highway selling these gems for me!


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