Outdoor Bed Phase Two

So this is the next phase of building an outdoor bed. The mattress is installed and a weatherproof cover as well. It wasn't the fabric I chose or wanted, but there were issues with the colour wearing off with just the slightest handling and wear. So over the phone I had to make a snap decision and couldn't see what I was agreeing to.
The toss cushions are lovely oilskin creations I found locally. And the final phase will probably have to wait until fall. Because the mattress is a little smaller than the base, I will build up some wooden rails along two sides. Also I'd like to make a headboard so that the pillows don't go shooting off the end of the bed.
Already a few chapters of a good book were enjoyed in the new lounge, along with a little beer and some fritos.


  1. You have a palapa! How cool. Enjoy.

  2. I can't wait to get back there to enjoy it more.


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