Things of Beauty

The house hunting is going quite well in Texas. This is a close up of the stonework on one of the homes I checked out today. Get a load of those worm burrows. There were also chunks of petrified wood in the wall, and all kinds of fossiliferous sediments. I couldn't live in this house - I'd be outside with my nose up against the stone all the time!

The bluebonnets are so gorgeous now and fields of them are springing up everywhere. It is a type of lupin, but very short compared to what I am used to seeing.

Here's a stunning Baby. A corvette. Several antique autos graced my parking lot last night. The group were on a quest to find bluebonnets. They had driven in from one edge of Texas just to do this.

How's this for a slick car? A Lincoln Continental. Not one fly speck on there. How can that be? My van looks like it crossed the demilitarized zone.


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