De-settled, unsettled

Okay so I am sitting here and waiting for movers to arrive. A call has just come in that they will be late; some issue with the truck.
Time to think....I had some plans to hole up at my wintery cottage for a few days but.....
I may just head back to Texas to start the actual house search! The van is fully loaded with the camping gear. And there are a few homes I've spotted over the web that want me to come visit.

We are all ready to go. Camping gear, me dogs....more adventures.

We could be seeing scenes like this in a week again. Maybe wetting a line myself. After trout.
My predilection to stop and look at everything means that the journey isn't too rushed.

Lots of inviting wayside stops where I can stretch my long legs, rest and work on my income taxes! (only critical thing for April)

This was the route I took entering Texas the first time. I zoomed in through Wichita Falls. It was a nice way to go. Better than the interstates around Dallas and Fort Worth.
Okay Folks. It's always an adventure. Stay tuned.


  1. Thanks for visiting, artic-mermaid!

    Those pictures look quite serene. My wife and I are heading out to Rapid City, South Dakota in June to visit my cousin, and plan on doing a lot of hiking and biking.

  2. Hi Michael; thanks for visiting my blog. I was travelling with only my two dogs and so yeah; most of the time it was pretty darned quiet. The way I like it. But I did meet some wonderful people down there and enjoyed some partying and socializing for sure.
    Have a wonderful trip to South Dakota. That's a place I still need to explore one day.


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