Where have I been?

I wish I could say I've been at my camp. The truth is there are three jobs on the go and no time for me. I haven't been to camp since Thanksgiving in early October and miss it a lot. I will have to go for Christmas or New Year's , depending on when the most reasonable weather comes along.
The work on my Nunavut rocks and minerals book has been kicked into high gear, as we approach the end of editing and other team members scramble to contribute their parts. (illustrations, photos, layout desing, etc.). It's fun work and I would love to be able to do this full time.
The work in my basement started again in November after a lengthy break. So I have been spending many an end to an evening moving boxes of rocks from one end of the basement to another. There are no light rocks. All rocks are heavy. Once the rooms are all set up and furnoshed, many of the better rocks and minerals will come out to play and be on display. Also as the general contractor for that job, I am ordering and picking up supplies, and dealing with the various contractors. It is almost over. Carpenter will be done in two days and then my electrician should onyl have one more visit. Phew. and then guess what, more work for me to clean, rearrange, and set up everything. Quite a few things in the basement have to go to camp soon, since the garage there is now complete. The work never ends.
And at work (the day job in the gold mine) I still find it too basic, simple, easy and boring. So it is time to leave. I am retiring and I think the date will be in March. Haven't decided yet. April is the best month for me to start moving to camp. I'm 49 and a good age to pack it in. I still have the health and energy to pursue other things.
So as I am transitioning into a new lifestyle, there's even more to do. The blog may fall to the wayside. No big deal though. When there is something new and interesting to report, I will try to capture some images and write it up. next good one will be the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. I am going in February. It's nice to day dream about that when I am shovelling twice a day here. By hand because the geezly blower had a flat and needs a tune up.....farts!
Soon enough there will be time for me. I need a little peace and quiet in order to think about what I want to get out of the next little while. That first part of my retirement. Where do I want to live? Am I going to be fine doing this alone? Should there be more people around me? Should there be a partner? To what extent? Do I dare look at my investment accounts?? What do I want to do? Is there a new challenge out there for me? Am I meant to keep travelling as I have all my life? Or should a wise old broad settle down somewhere? There is a lot to think about. I'm sure it won't all shake out after four days at camp. But maybe some important decisions can be made.


  1. The next best thing to being at this wonderful "hinge point" in your life is to have the time and space (and gorgeous surroundings) to be able to think about it, so that rather than just falling into the next stage in your life you'll be able to step into it mindfully and joyously.

  2. Hi Lucie;
    Yes, that seems to be the challenge. The goal is in sight and I am readying myself. But for now nothing is too clear. A little more free time to think and plan is required. Two four day weekends - not enough, eh??


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