Oh You Sweet Mechanic

He turned to reach for a rag and caught her staring at the oil stain on the seat of his coveralls. It was shaped like a heart and she could swear her initials were inside the heart! He caught her glance and, winking at her, he turned back to the dirty work at hand.

You know, I realized today that if it wasn't for all the mechanics in my life, there wouldn't be any men in my life. Yeah. Two vehicles and a new (very old) boat and trailer. Everything needs work. You just get everything humming along and you find a slow leak in your tire. Bah!

At first I fretted about the accumulating costs, the time lost in shuttling vehicles and myself around, trying to schedule all the appointments. And have you noticed how every job now takes at least two appointments? One to scope out the problem and try to come up with a list of other things to add to it (just kidding, I think) and then you have to wait for the parts and then the specialist to be available. And then the second visit. And of course, another new thing is revealed on the second visit that will also require attention.

Then I thought: So are they for real, these diagnostic mechanics?, or do they just want to see my sunny face yet again? I must say I am lucky to have great bunch of guys working on the various vehicles in my life. Thank you fellas. I have come to appreciate my frequent visits to a nearby town for warranty work as a "forced time off'". I can sit there and knit and stare vapidly at the TV in the lounge. I never get to do that anymore at home.

So thank you my mechanic-friends. You are filling a big void in my life. And I trust you to keep my four wheels on the road, and provide that opposite-sex interaction I crave.


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