Maybe this title should be "Catching Up ...and.....Falling Behind". Just as it seems that I am catching up to various chores and activities, a whole new slough of things arises. Yes, sometimes they are self-inflicted, but certainly worthwhile.
For example, my new neighbours are expecting thier first baby any hour now. Have I started on a knitted gift yet? Well............some swatching and testing, but not really started. So I have to get cracking. I'm thinking of doing a blanket in a nice brioche stitch.
The photo shows the last baby project I whipped off and it is a bunting bag. Kind of like a sleeping bag for babies. And I designed it so that Mommy can cut away the bottom edge seam once Princess is of a certain length/height. It will then become more like a housecoat.
Knitting for a baby when you don't know the sex is a bit tough. Use yellow or green, or even a soft grey. I've also done layettes in red and white. The one above came out in those colours because I had to work from stash (living in the Arctic where I couldn't get yarn quickly). But parents don't seem to be so hung up about the colour stereotypes as in the past.
You can also see reflected in the granite gneiss some lace curtains I knit many moons ago.
See, a hobby that keeps me out of trouble.
And now, more knitting and less typing.


  1. Darn it! This is exactly what I was looking for last time I had a baby project to do, and I couldn't find a bunting I really liked. Post the pattern? Publish it? Sell it?
    I like the colors, too. Most (white) babies look awful in pastel pinks and blues.


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