Kiwi Land

The Crown Range Highway. Yes Friends. That very highly twisted thing in the foreground is a highway, or what passes for one in the Souther Alps.

Dear Friend and I travelled this incredible route a few times over the days we spent exploring the Alps. It's a wonder that there is any population in New Zealand whatsoever. With the fantastic wines the country produces, and those prevalent speed bumps, the chunky possum, how do they ever stay on the road??

Mmmmm. Doesn't this look amazing? It was, trust me. My dear friend from the South Island created this tasty Pavlova dessert.

No leftovers. Sorry, none for you.

This is the central square in Christchurch, on the South Island of New Zealand. What a fabulous place! The square is huge and centred on a gorgeous catherdal. But this organic sculpture really captivated me.

It seems all my photos will come in, in reverse order to how I am bringing them in. Well............ And I don't see any way to move things around on my post. So bear with me.

So here are a few more shots of my amazing trip to New Zealand. Incredible land and people. Here we are in the Southern Alps, enroute to the jet-boating adventure. We went for a glorious hike beforehand and then enjoyed that thrilling boat ride amongst those mountains you see here.

A few snaps from the album. What a place!


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