Ice Out

Even in the northern reaches spring has come. And while I can hear several lawnmowers humming in my neighbourhood, my grass is nowhere near ready for mowing. So what are these people cutting? Are they pulverizing doggie deposits?

Well on that point I might be ahead of the game then, as I've managed somehow to clear the entire yard.

But that's it for the gardening for now. All my efforts have gone to trying to finish a new guest bedroom and bathroom. A large unfinished basement needed more purpose and definition. The remaining areas are about 70% done, so not too bad.

With the imminent arrival of guests, I had to draw the line on the renovation, and ask all the contractors to move out their tools. Summer is a time to garden, camp, take sunset walks on the beach, etc. And I want the house in some sort of liveable and useable state for the guests that will flutter through.

Knitting has taken a bit of a back seat while this rush to organize the house is on. Last weekend at camp I knit some more on the Sandy cardigan and am halfway (maybe) down the second sleeve. But I did finishe off a new little rug for the new litte bathroom. Whoops, not not blocked yet, but here's a photo of it in progress.
Instead of talking about it I could be doing it, so off I go to knit until sleep beckons.
The nice thing about a perennial garden is that it takes care of itself. You take care of yourself.


  1. I like that last line. It's words to live by.

  2. I like that last line. It's words to live by.


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